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I had long wanted to try an electric lawn tractor.  There are lots of examples of them on the web, and my gas tractor (bought in 1998, I believe) was starting to have all sorts of problems, so it seemed like the right time.

The type most prevalent, that I could easily get to, and that would not cost an arm and a leg was a GE elec-trak, built back in the ‘70’s.  The fact so many are still in use with original controls says a lot about their robustness and reliability.  There is an entire section at the EV photo album (www.evalbum.com) devoted to them.  Click on search at the top, and then pick “by type/make” and select “general electric” from the list.  Here’s a photo of what one of the larger models, an E15, is supposed to look like.

what an e15 is supposed to look like.jpg

The deck has it’s own motors, and is powered from an electric PTO.  There was also an accessory outlet that connected directly to the 36V power pack, and a huge variety of hand tools was made to work from it.  So I started looking…

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